Biotechnology of New Materials – Environment – Quality of Life

IVth International Scientific Conference

The structure and design of abstracts

Abstract structure
1. Title (in full)
2. Author(s)
3. Information about the author (s) (organization, address, country, e-mail)
6. Main text
7. References

Format requirements
Word processor: MS Word.
Margins: upper and lower – 20 mm, left and right – 20 mm
Font – 12-point Times
Line spacing: single
Text alignment: justified, automatic hyphenation should be turned off.
Page numbers are not needed.
The length of the abstract should not exceed 5 pages.
References: not more than 5 sources.

Abstract title should be capitalized in the middle, no full stop at the end of heading. Authors’ surnames should be comma separated and lowercase in the middle of the page below the title, one-unit space. Do not type authors’ degree, rank or position. The author’s name should go before the surname