Modern problems of radio electronics

XXI All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference with International Participation

Guidelines for papers preparation

Page limit – 3–5 (preferably full) pages of the A4 format.

Margins: right and left – 2,5 cm, top and bottom – 2,8 cm.

The text has to be written in Russian (except section 10).

Formatting of the papers:

  • before the main text the title of the manuscript should be placed (12-point Times New Roman font, CAPITAL, bold);
  • below, in the center – the initials and the surname of the author (authors) should be provided;
  • further in the center – the name and the address of the organization (9-point font, italics), E-mail;
  • below, in a line, a short summary of 3-7 lines is given (9-point font);
  • further, skipping the line follows the main body of the paper;
  • at the end of the text skipping the line the reference list can be provided.

The text, formulas and tables have to be prepared in MS Office 2007; 12-point Times New Roman font, paragraph spacing – 1 cm; single spaced, regular interalphabetic interval.

Drawings can be presented in the text in the MS Word format. For the drawings introduced in the text it is recommended to use the png, bmp, wmf, jpg, gif or vsd formats. Text wrapping is not allowed. Application of the active introduced objects from MathCAD, Excel etc. is not allowed. 10-point font should be used for captions. Formulas have to be prepared in the Microsoft Equation Editor. Tables have to be consistently numbered. References should be specified in square brackets, references to formulas – in parentheses.

Papers will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee, for the technical merit and content. Only original, unpublished contributions will be considered for the inclusion to the Program and the Proceedings of a conference.