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ХХV International Seminar on Urban Form 2018

Urban Form and Social Context: from traditions to newest demands

Conference Program

Dear participants!

Information about program you can download here: Program_28.06.pdf


*Payment for participation in the gala dinner and sightseeing tours after the conference will need to be done during the personal registration on the first and second day of the conference

- gala dinner – 65 Euro

- full information about sightseeing tours: 




Information about tours you can download here: ISUF_Tours.pdf

 *The numbers of participants in the sightseeing tours is limited!

Historical Krasnoyarsk

Date and time: Thursday, 5 July 2018, 19:00 – 22:00

Distance: bus and walking tour along the historical centre of Krasnoyarsk


Brief description: Krasnoyarsk was founded in 1628, has a unique history. At present still, there are objects of cultural heritage of different time periods which are mostly concentrated in its historical centre. The tour consists of a bus tour to the key places of interest in the historical city centre (Strelka, Historical Quarter, Stone Quarter, the Theater of Opera and Ballet Square, etc.), as well as a walking tour along the central Avenue - Prospekt Mira - with a story about its main sights. The tour includes a visit to the sightseeing site "Chapel of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa" on Karaulnaya Hill, where you can see the panorama of the whole city.

Starting point: to be announced after formation of the group

Responsible guide and lecturer: Mr. V. I. Tsarev


Tour on July 8, Sunday

 - Tour to Divnogorsk and the National Park "Krasnoyarsk Stolby"


 - Tour to Zheleznogorsk


- Tour to Yeniseisk


Tour to Divnogorsk and the National Park "Krasnoyarsk Stolby"

Date and time: Sunday, July 8, 2018, 9:00-20:00

Fee:  1600 RUR (25 EURO) includes transfer and lunch

Distance: 40 km to the city of Divnogorsk by bus + walking tour of the National Park "Krasnoyarsk Stolby" (Rock Pillars) about 5 km distance

Brief description: The tour schedules visiting the sightseeing site "Tsar Fish" (located on the way to Divnogorsk, which offers a stunning view of the majestic Yenisei River), a walk along the river in Divnogorsk, visiting the site of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power plant (Divnogorsk) and tour to the National Park "Krasnoyarsk Stolby" (note: walking tour of about 5 km and a picnic). The natural park "Stolby" is amazing in its beauty and diversity, it overwhelms by large-scale and diverse landscapes and unique Siberian nature. The park is located on the north-western branches of the Eastern Sayan mountains. The territory, stretched for 34 km from the north-west to the south-east, is a typical area of the medium-altitude mountain taiga landscape. The maximum height is from 200 to 840 m above sea level.

Starting point:  Opera and Ballet Theater Square near the hotels Krasnoyarsk, Novotel and Ibis

Responsible guide and lecturer: will be specified




  Tour to Yeniseisk

Date and time: Sunday, 8-9 July 2018

Fee: 3400r (50 Euro), includes transfer and hotel accommodation - 1 night, breakfast lunch

Distance: 250 km to the city of Yeniseysk by bus + walking tour along the historical centre of Yeniseisk

Brief description: The excursion includes a visit to the historic city of Yeniseisk. Yeniseysk was founded as a prison in 1619 and thanks to its favorable geographical position quickly became an administrative and economic centre of Eastern Siberia. That is the starting platform of the movement of Russian explorers to the south and east. Yeniseysk was a cultural centre of the Yenisei province for a long time. The historical centre of the city has been included in the preliminary list of the World Heritage by UNESCO since 2000. The territory of the city embraces its cultural heritage: the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour (founded in 1642), the Epiphany Cathedral (1738-1764), the Church of the Ascension (1735-1747), the Trinity Church (1772-1776), the Assumption Church (1793-1818) , the building of the Yenisei Museum of Local History (1747-1753) and other architectural monuments. The architectural appearance of the monastic buildings was largely shaped by the influence of Siberian baroque. A special atmosphere, the spirit of the city is created not only by Orthodox churches, merchant houses and unique architectural objects, the planning structure of the Siberian city but also by its natural microclimate. Yeniseysk can be truly called the spirit of the Krasnoyarsk Territory!

Starting point : Opera and Ballet Theater Square near the hotels Krasnoyarsk, Novotel and Ibis

Responsible guide and lecturer: Mr. I. A. Ryaposov, Ms. Ya. V. Nikolskay


Tour to the city of  Jeleznogorsk (canceled due to the small number of applications)